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OAM 11g - webgate redirect loop

Have you ever run into a problem where you have an infinite redirect loop between the OAM server and a webgate?

If so, the first thing to do is CHECK THE TIME on both the webgate and oam hosts!

If the time is out of sync the webgate will think the OAM token has expired - redirecting you back again to the OAM server, who will happily generate another "new" (but expired) token and send you back to the webgate. Rinse and repeat....

scp no worky?

I ran into a weird problem where the scp command would refuse to copy a file to a remote host.

The command would complete OK (exit status of 0), but nothing would ever get copied. Head scratcher, and nothing obvious on stackoverflow.

The culprit:

 sftp/scp fails at connection, but ssh is OK. sftp and/or scp may fail at connection time if you have shell initialization (.profile, .bashrc, .cshrc, etc) which produces output for non-interactive sessions. This output confuses the sftp/scp client. You can verify if your shell is doing this by executing:
ssh yourhost /usr/bin/true If the above command produces any output, then you need to modify your shell initialization.