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ForgeRock OpenIG 3.0- OIDC authentication example

My colleague, Simon Moffat has written a nice introductory article on some of the new features in OpenIG 3.0.

OpenIG is a Java based reverse proxy server with a focus on solving identity management challenges. The release adds support for scripting in Groovy and Javascript, and adds new authentication and authorization filters for OpenID Connect and OAuth 2.

I like to describe OpenIG as the Swiss Army knife of identity proxy servers. It can perform arbitrary transformations on HTTP requests and broker them to a number of backend services.

If you want a "ready to run" sample OpenIG project that demonstrates the new OpenID Connect filter  have a look at example1 in

Hopefully the cleary explains how this all works, but if not, drop me a note and I will improve the documentation.

If you have any OpenIG samples that you would like to share please feel free to send a pull request.