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A Sample OpenIG configuration showing Tomcat Login

ForgeRock's  Open Identity Gateway (OpenIG) is a "smart" reverse proxy interacts with the HTTP session to modify headers, cookies, and the body.

A common OpenIG  use case is to SSO enable legacy applications that can not be modified to use a policy agent.

The way this works is described in the gateway guide but the readers digest version is:
OpenIG itself is protected with an OpenAM policy agentOpenAM's password capture post authentication handler is configured to capture the user's password on login, and provide it (encrypted) to OpenIG. OpenIG is configured to watch for an HTTP request to the legacy application's login pageWhen OpenIG sees the login page it injects the users credentials into the login flow.  The guide has a few examples for Wordpress login - but I wanted to demonstrate login to Tomcat. 
This OpenIG config.json file is configured to SSO into the sample form login demo that included with tomcat (/examples/jsp/security/protected).

This config.js…