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Spin up the ForgeRock Open Identity Stack (OIS) using Ansible and Vagrant

Tl;DR: Want to install the complete ForgeRockOpen Identity Stack in 20 minutes? This is for you.

You already know that the ForgeRock OIS stack (OpenAM, OpenIDM and OpenDJ) is super easy to install.  Using Ansible and Vagrant we can make the process even faster!

From start to finish takes approx. 20 minutes (automated, hands off) to install a Centos image running  the following:
haproxy to route ports 80/443 to various backend servicesapache instance running on port 1080 OpenIDM running on port 9090 (available at running on port 389. This is the user store for OpenAM.OpenAM running on port 8080 (available at tomcat "application" instance on port 18080 (For future sample application hosting)./etc/init.d scripts to start OpenAM, OpenDJ, Apache etc.
This project includes everything you need to get started.

Next steps:  Provision to Amazon AWS and Google GCE environme…

Automatically generate LDAP entries with OpenDJ make-ldif

Do you need to generate a large number of LDAP entries for benchmark testing?   I was all set to write a utility to do this - when a colleague pointed me to make-ldif that comes with OpenDJ.

In a nut-shell, make-ldif uses template files to create sample LDIF data, which can then be imported into your ldap server.  make-ldif can generate random data, and/or use various patterns (for example - selecting from a list of cities, phone numbers, etc.).

Check out the documentation