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Automating OpenDJ backups on Kubernetes

KubernetesStatefulSets are designed to run "pet" like services such as databases.  ForgeRock's OpenDJ LDAP server is an excellent fit for StatefulSets as it requires stable network identity and persistent storage.

The ForgeOps project contains a Kubernetes Helm chart to deploy DJ to a Kubernetes cluster. Using a StatefulSet, the cluster will auto-provision persistent storage for our pod. We configure OpenDJ to place its backend database on this storage volume.

This gives us persistence that survives container restarts, or even restarts of the cluster. As long as we don't delete the underlying persistent volume, our data is safe.

Persistent storage is quite reliable, but we typically want additional offline backups.

The high level approach to accomplish this is as follows:
Configure the OpenDJ container to support scheduled backups to a volume.Configure a Kubernetes volume to store the backups.Create a sidecar container that archives the backups.  In this example we wi…